A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This game was created during the Nordic Game Jam 2017, with the theme not there.


Movement: WASD
Camera: Left/Right arrows
Jump: Space Bar

Movement: Left Analog
Camera: Right Analog
Jump: A

But... what is the meaning of this game?


Our game is about the never ending quest of achieving our goals. The reality is that it's not possible to ever quite get there. Even when we finally reach what we wanted, we end up realizing that we now desire even more.

This endless loop of continuously wanting more can easily lead to getting caught up in our (often meaningless) achievements. We (including the player) are naturally drawn to achieve what we set out for (to collect the flowers and butterflies), all the while ignoring the true purpose of the experience - to actually be there for your grandpa, and enjoy The Hike.


TheHike_Win.zip 37 MB
TheHike_MacOS.zip 42 MB

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